• Pharmacist Only medicines can only be sold from a Pharmacy after consultation with the Pharmacist. You do not need a prescription for this but the Pharmacist needs to be convinced that the sale is for the purposes intended. The Pharmacist is well skilled to do the consultation as they are adequately trained. Typically consultation is done at the Pharmacy in a private consultation room but it can also be done over the phone, WhatsApp or Zoom. We are happy to help.

  • Two Islands was born right here in New Zealand in 2018.

    Guided by a love for nutrition and a no-fuss philosophy, Two Islands resolved to take a simpler approach to how we formulated our health and well-being products: no fillers, no unexpected surprises, no anything at all you don’t need. Just the pure, great tasting goodness you do need to look and feel better every day.

    Plus, Two Islands found ways to make it even easier to fit those essential nutrients into your too-busy lifestyle.