WOODWARDS Gripe Water 150ml

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Woodwards Gripe Water 150ml (Oral Solution)
The gentle way of relieving baby's wind quickly eases hiccups and minor tummy upsets. Woodward's Gripe Water has been famous for over 100 years as a gentle method of relieving wind pains and tummy upsets in babies and young children, particularly at a difficult period when they are teething. Alcohol-free.
The gripe is caused by muscle spasms and excess acid created when air bubbles form in a baby's tummy.  When the air bubbles get trapped in a baby's stomach, the stomach thinks it is full of food, so acids are produced which would normally break down the food particles.  These acids are not needed and can cause irritation.  At the same time, because the stomach is full of air bubbles its muscles are unable to relax causing cramps and spasms.
Woodward's Gripe water contains oil of Dill herb and Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate and brings relief of wind and gripe.  Dill Oil warms and relaxes the tummy, breaking down trapped air bubbles.  Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate neutralises acid in the baby's tummy.  The results are usually a resounding burp!
Active Ingredients:

Each 5ml Spoonful contains:

Terpeneless Dill Seed Oil 2.3mg/5ml,

Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate 52.5mg/5ml


Also contains E215, E217 , E219, sodium, maltitol

Alcohol Free, Sugar Free, Colour Free

WOODWARDS Gripe Water 150ml