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Go Healthy is the first in New Zealand to offer high quality supplements in VegeCapsules and unique 1-A-Day dosages. Go Healthy lets you feel your best with its natural health products made from the best NZ ingredients.
Go Healthy Go Collagen for Joints is a breakthrough supplement boasting of high grade NZ natural marine collagen that has been hydrolyzed and freeze dried for maximum absorption and efficacy. This supplement contains collagen, the ideal protein for structural support of your joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons. Fortified with vitamin D3 for bone health and added with turmeric for antioxidant-rich property, it blends a unique yet highly effectual combination of key nutrients. With Go Healthy Go Collagen for Joints, enjoy a healthy life with the liberty of easy and pain-free movement!
New Zealand Natural Marine Collagen
With VegeCap advantage
For optimal joint health
Go Healthy Go Collagen for Joints is suitable for addressing the following conditions:
Aches and pains of the joint
Injuries sustained by the joint
Joint repair after a strenuous activity
Diseases affecting the joints (e.g. arthritis)
Discomfort and soreness of the muscles
For the maintenance of joint health, especially for individuals with a backbreaking line of work (e.g. construction)
For helping reduce an individual’s intake of analgesics
All-Around Support given by Go Healthy Go Collagen for Joints
Provides lubrication and padding to joints to protect from damage
Boosts the resilience of cartilages of the joints
Helps prevent further deterioration of the joint structure
Improves flexibility and comfortable movement
Decreases the sensation of aches and soreness
What makes Go Healthy Go Collagen for Joints special amongst other supplements?
Natural Marine Collagen
Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body that makes up the structures of the nails, hair and skin. It serves as a protective cushion around the bones and joints, and therefore, is needed to maintain the elasticity of the joints. However, with advancing years, collagen stores continue to deplete, causing a degeneration of joint health.
Deficiency in collagen can result into the following symptoms:
Delayed wound healing response
Deterioration and weakening of the muscle tone and strength
Feeling of pains and aches
Weak feeling of joints and bones
Loss of vitality and drying in skin and hair
Appearance of more wrinkles
Collagen supplementation then supports to restore adequate levels in the body that function in repairing deteriorated ligaments, tendons, bones and joints. In addition, Type 2 collagen contains both glucosamine and chondroitin for good joint health.
Turmeric features health properties that reduce swelling (anti-inflammatory) and combat the harmful oxidative damage caused by free radicals (antioxidant). It also aids in reducing the morning stiffness for people with limited movement.
Vitamin D
Vitamin D is an essential fat-soluble vitamin that is needed for optimal bone health. It facilitates the efficient absorption of calcium into the bones and the upkeep of proper calcium levels in the blood. The supplement contains vitamin D sourced from sheep lanolin.
Product Questions about Go Healthy Go Collagen for Joints
What does “hydrolyzed" and “freeze-dried” collagen mean?
Collagen that is hydrolyzed means it is broken down into simpler molecules for fast absorption by the body. Also, it is freeze-dried to keep its components active biologically, allowing for maximum potency.
From where does the collagen source of the supplement come from?
This supplement is complete with Natural Marine Collagen that is sustainably sourced from the fresh aquatic waters of New Zealand.
Will the supplement also be beneficial for skin health?
Because it naturally contains collagen that supports healthy skin, the answer is yes. But, because it is tailored specifically for joint health, the effects will not be as significant as those from GO Anti-Wrinkle Collagen support.
Can the supplement be taken together with GO Anti-Wrinkle Collagen Support?
Yes, they can be taken together since they offer differing types of collagen. For maximum absorption and efficiency, it is best that they be taken at separate intervals. For instance, Go Healthy Go Collagen for Joints is taken during the day and the latter at night.
Is the supplement suitable for vegans and vegetarians?
        No, because collagen is extracted from marine sources and vitamin D from sheep lanolin.
What is the recommended dose for the product?
        Take no more than 2 capsules for a single dosage. Do not take with food.
What are some medicine interactions to watch out for?
        If possible, avoid taking with anti-coagulant and anti-platelet drugs.
Is this product suitable for long term supplementation?
        Yes, it may be used long term as the effects improve with continued use.
How long does it take before optimal results manifest?
        It may take about 3 months of use. Ultimately though, results may vary individually.
Cautions about Go Healthy Go Collagen for Joints
Presence of seafood allergies – the product is harnessed from marine sources and may induce adverse allergic reactions
Unsuitable for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding – due to significantly higher doses of the nutrients
Unsuitable for individuals who will undergo surgery – use must be stopped about 2 weeks before the major operation
Dose: Adults: Take 2 VegeCaps daily. These are best taken on an empty stomach.
 Freeze Dried Marine Collagen powder (750mg)
Turmeric (5,250mg)
 Vitamin D3 (500IU)