Mānuka Honey Mask

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Mānuka Honey Mask - A Cleansing and Hydrating Face Mask

This active mānuka mask contains 500+ MGO Mānuka Honey is deeply restorative to the skin. As it is anti-microbial it can help remove dead skin cells and is also shown to help reduce inflammation of the skin as a result of its non-peroxide activity. When glucose oxidase (an enzyme incorporated into honey by bees) reacts with glucose and oxygen molecules (moisture in the skin) it produces hydrogen peroxide which clears the skin making it feel smooth and hydrated. To further this, we add pure mānuka oil which cleans the skin and kills bacteria so that not only does this mask hydrate, but it is also deeply cleansing.



  • Use every evening;

  • Reduces inflammation;

  • Removes dead skin cells and repairs cellular damage;

  • Speeds up recovery of skin;

  • Hydrates congested skin;

  • Leaves skin feeling smooth, clear and clean


High strength MGO Mānuka Honey mask promotes cell regeneration and reduces inflammation. Mānuka Honey contains a chemical called methylglyoxal (MGO) that inhibits the growth of microbes. Further, it exhibits non-peroxide activity. When glucose oxidase (an enzyme produced by bees) reacts with glucose and oxygen molecules (moisture in the skin) it produces hydrogen peroxide which reduces inflammation and makes your skin feel smooth and hydrated. The other chemical Mānuka Honey possesses is Dihydroxyacetone which is an omega 3 acid that is extremely nourishing to the skin. We also add 5 % Mānuka Oil so that only is your mask deeply hydrating, it is also super cleansing.


About Aotea 

Aotea are committed to making functional and healing herbal health products. They take inspiration from Rongoā Māori and scientific research into the actives of the flora to bring you a range of healing and vitality supporting products.

Aotea is driven by creating jobs and opportunity for their community. They take their name from their homeland. Aotea is the Māori name for Great Barrier Island. An island near Auckland, New Zealand that is covered in native bush. There is no high school on Aotea, so we have a scholarship that provides financial support to the Māori Youth in our community to attend the leading schools of New Zealand.

Mānuka Honey Mask - Corner Pharmacy