Trilogy Everything Balm 45ml

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Be it for moisturising, protecting or repairing, Trilogy Everything Balm efficiently accomplishes these skin care tasks!
Benefits of this product are:
Intensely moisturising Perfect to nourish dry skin, lips and cuticles has a soothing and massaging effect 
Trilogy Everything Balm is an ultimate multi-tasking skin care product. It nourishes and quenches the skin for rehydration. From chapped lips to dry cuticles, the balm can refurbish its healthy condition. It melts into your skin, entering the pores for a moisturising effect.
Trilogy Everything Balm gets its beauty inspiration from natural gourmet ingredients such as rosehip, marula and manuka honey. Manuka honey draws a moisture-binding property from its key minerals and vitamins. Marula oil enriches skin with sterols, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Rosehip which is extracted from floral petals has a gentle cleansing effect.
The Beauty Treatment: How to Apply
Apply an ample amount onto targeted skin areas. Spread the balm evenly and thoroughly.