Koru Nutrition Joint Fx

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Supports Healthy Joint Function and Mobility by reducing the symptoms associated with


Joint Discomfort

Connective Tissue Damage

Natural Aging Process

Made by Nature. Backed by Science.
Using the principles of nature, we optimally pair natural ingredients to
enhance their healing and restorative qualities, so that you can continue
enjoying the simple pleasures in life.
Natural Ingredients.
Nothing but the highest grade natural compounds go into our products to
produce the most effective solutions with no fillers, preservatives or toxins.
Scientifically Advanced.
We only use ingredients supported by peer-reviewed scientific studies. We
believe in continued advancement as new scientific breakthroughs are
All Products Are Made in New Zealand.
New Zealand has some of the best ingredients for natural health anywhere
in the world. From Manuka Oil, Marine Collagen to Deer Velvet we are
world renown and for our high standards of quality. All of Koru Nutrition’s
products are made in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Koru Nutrition Joint Fx - Corner Pharmacy