Clinicians ViraCare 60 caps

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ViraCare Benefits

  • Provides sustained immune support at the recommended dose, replenishing the key nutrients needed to aid the immune system.
  • Non acidic vitamin C that stays in the body 4 times longer (up to 24 hours) than normal Vitamin C.
  • Stand-out teen skin formula. Assists in replenishing and maintaining essential antioxidants for skin cleansing, skin maintenance and to maintain healthy glowing skin
  • Well tolerated and can be used for adults or children with confidence.
  • Easy for teens to comply with dosing.
  • Vitamin A is used to hold skin cells, and the cells lining the throat, nose and lungs tightly together.
  • Vitamin C feeds the immune system and supports the collagen fibres upon which the cells of the skin, throat, nose and lungs sit on.
  • Zinc is secreted on to skin surfaces, and onto the surface of the cells of the throat, nose and lungs to act as immediate immune support
  • Selenium helps support cellular immune function inside body cells

ViraCare Features

  • Contains a long lasting form of Vitamin C – Calcium threonate
  • A wide ranging flexible dosing formula
  • Contains well known skin nutrients
  • Contains Vitamin A & C, zinc and selenium
Clinicians ViraCare 60 caps - Corner Pharmacy