CTM HS 928 4 Wheel

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This four wheel scooter has proportional speed reduction while turning, luxury chair, LCD display, tiller storage compartment, delta handlebars, longer travel range, full suspension and self-diagnosing fault indicator. This product is certified with European standards.
• Overall length: 1600mm 
• Overall width: 720mm 
• Weight incl batteries: 178kg 
• Max forward speed: 15-18kph 
• Weight capacity: 160-226kg 
• Ground clearance: 45mm 
• Turning radius: 1860mm 
• Seat width: 559mm 
• Motor size: 1000W 
• Travel range: up to 50km 
• Options/Accessories 
• Storage cover 
• Crutch, cane, oxygen bottle & walker holders 
• Rear carry bags & baskets
CTM HS 928 4 Wheel