Celery 8000 60 Vegecaps

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Celery-encapsulated supplements to help improve your health, brought to you by Go Healthy Go! GO Healthy Go Celery 8000 enhances the healing benefits provided by the wonder vegetable, Celery. It enriches celery extracts with other important nutrients such vitamins A and C. It aids the normal functions of kidneys and maintains optimal Uric Acid levels. Fluid balance is also kept up at a healthful equilibrium. Now, your favorite vegetable is introduced in a more bio-available capsule format delivering maximum efficacy for your good nutrition.


Benefits of Celery


A powerful herb, Celery is utilized for the healing properties of its seeds, roots and juice. With its antioxidant qualities, celery is ideal for addressing kidney problems and arthritis. It aids in decreasing blood pressure levels, alleviates tension in muscle spasms and enhances one’s appetite.




Celery (Apium graveolens) extract.

Celery 8000 60 Vegecaps - Corner Pharmacy