Co-Q10 160mg High Strength 60 Vegicaps

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Nutrient-rich compounds are an ideal power source for your active lifestyle!
GO Healthy Go Co-enzyme Q10 is an energizing supplement promoting an active state of the body for a hard day’s work and stress. It capitalizes on the efficient energy-metabolizing properties of Co-Q10. With this supplement, the body is supercharged with energy and protected from free radicals by antioxidants.
Benefits of Co-enzyme Q10:
Belonging to a group of compounds referred to as ubiquinones, Co-Q10 contains properties similar to vitamins K and E. It helps in energy metabolism of the oxidative and respiratory processes, provides antioxidant protection, facilitates good heart functions and ultimately, boosts efficient energy metabolism.
Take one a day 
Co-Enzyme Q10 160mg
Co-Q10 160mg High Strength 60 Vegicaps - Corner Pharmacy