GO Healthy Go Placenta 20,000mg 180s

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GO Healthy Go Placenta 20,000mg 180s will hydrate and revitalize your skin and maintain a glowing complexion with placenta supplements! It revitalizes the skin, promotes a glowing complexion and delays the appearance of wrinkles.
This supplement is also packed with grape seed and grape seed oil that helps with hydrating the skin, refining your skin lines. In addition, it aids in the functions of a healthy immune system and promotes wellness.
Only take a single capsule daily, Most especially with food or as recommended by a health professional. Adults take 1 caps daily. (Best taken with food).
LPlacenta (sheep) ext. equiv. to fresh           -         20,000mg, 
Grape Seed ext. equiv. to                                -           1,200mg, 
Grape Seed Oil 200mg
GO Healthy Go Placenta 20,000mg 180s - Corner Pharmacy