GO Healthy Go Propolis 500mg 180 Capsules

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Enhance your immune health today for a healthier tomorrow! GO Healthy Go Propolis 500mg (180 Capsules) delivers a strong blend of key ingredients supporting a strapping immune system. It amplifies your immune response in fighting infections or common diseases. What’s more, it features added antioxidant protection to battle free radicals and the oxidative stress it causes. The active constituents of propolis also square off with allergens to prevent further complications due to allergic reactions.


Why supplement with GO Healthy Go Propolis 500mg?


  • Supports normal functions of the immune system
  • Combats common diseases and infections
  • May help fight ills and chills




Propolis ext. equiv. to fresh 500mg

GO Healthy Go Propolis 500mg 180 Capsules - Corner Pharmacy