Good Health Acai Powder 100g

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GoodHealth Açai Powder -
Organic, wild harvested
Contains Anti-oxidants
Natural energy food to battle free radicals
Acai is one of the highest food sources of antioxidants, and the richest fruit source. It is also a source of other essential nutrients, making it one of the most nutritious foods on Earth. Delicious mixed with juices, smoothies, on cereals or in yoghurt.
Acai is a dark purple rainforest berry considered a superfood because it contains significant amounts of nutrients, primarily Anthocyanin a potent antioxidant to protect against the damage caused by harmful free radicals.
Recommended for:
  • Antioxidant protection
  • Anti-aging
  • Natural source of vitamins
  • Minerals and Omegas 3, 6 & 9
Serving suggestions:
Delicious mixed with juices, smoothies, on cereals or in yoghurt.
Nutrition Information:    
Servings per container: Approx 20 * Quantity per serving * Quantity per 100g 
Serving size: 5g (1 teaspoon)    
Energy 112kJ 2240kJ
Protein 0.4g 7.3g
Fat, total 2.3g 46.2g
  – saturated 0.6g 12.9g 
Carbohydrate 0.4g 8.1g 
  – sugars 0.2g 4.1g 
Dietary Fibre 1.6g 31.6g 
Sodium 5mg 90mg 


* All specified values are averages 
100% Açai Powder
Formulated without Gluten, egg, dairy, yeast, soy, wheat, artificial flavours, artificial sweeteners or artificial colours.