Kalidad Silicone Straws Set

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It is time to skip the plastic straws and change to reusable ones!

Our reusable straw set is composed of 6 silicone straws, 2 steel straws, 2 brushes, and 1 bag! What a value for money. The silicone straws are made from BPA free, 100% food grade silicone so you have the peace of mind while you and your little kiddos use them. We opted for a combination of silicone and steel straws because we think it will be great to have both. You can have the option which to use on your given day and situation (out with friends, going to the beach, and more) Also, I would say, silicone straws for the kiddos to be sure there is no accidents and mum and can have the steel straws! That's a win-win for the fam. Value for money - who knows, this may be your only straw purchase for the next 5 years or so! Silicone and steel will surely last a long time. Quality and durability - The silicone is 100% food grade and the steel are the best of 10/18 stainless steel. We opted for the bent ones for easy sipping. For those that like to bite their straws, silicone is the way to go! (My kiddos bite their ones a lot). The straws are dishwasher safe. Ease of use and on the go- The silicone straws can be bent and twisted. It is flexible. You can use the silicone ones for smoothies. It has a wider diameter. Also, you can take the straws with you wherever you go. You can now say "NO STRAWS PLEASE". You can put them in your purse, gym bag, diaper bag, lunch box or in your car.


1. Wash the straws carefully before the first use.

2. Wash them with dish soap and plenty of water.

3. Use the brush for cleaning.

Our reusable straws are dishwasher safe.

Kalidad Silicone Straws Set - Corner Pharmacy