M'CARE 23108 Nova Fit Face Massager

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Elevate your skin fitness routine with Manicare® NOVA FIT® face massager. Massage is known to improve circulation and reduce tension. Using salon grade Electronic Muscle Stimulation Technology (EMS), Manicare® NOVA FIT® transforms your in-home age defying skin care routine.

EMS technology stimulates facial muscles through gentle contractions creating a mini work out for the face; to improve tone, firmness and support skin rejuvenation for a healthy glow.

Manicare® NOVA FIT® enhances the performance of skincare actives from your favourite moisture-rich lotions, serums, or even sheet masks. Start by treating yourself to a 5-min facial workout to help energise your morning, or unwind at the end of day.

Clinically proven to improve skin firmness in 4 weeks*

  • 82% of users noticed improved skin firmness^
  • 77% of users achieved brighter healthier skin^
  • 91% of users experienced relief from facial muscles tension^
  • 82% of users would recommend^

Skin Benefits:

  • Firm & Tone
  • Plump & Rejuvenate
  • Tension Relief

Dual massage modes:
Relaxation (Blue indicator) - Gentle kneading to relieve tension, supports skin rejuvenation for healthy plump skin.
EMS fitness (Red indicator) - Powered by Electronic Muscle Stimulation to promote skin fitness, firming, toning and contouring.



1. Charge for 2 hours prior to the 1st use. This will allow the device to operate up to 30 minutes.
2. Ensure your hair is pulled back away from your face.
3. Apply your favourite moisture-rich lotion, serum or sheet mask onto face.
4. Press and hold power button for 2 seconds to turn on.
5. Relaxation mode will begin on Low with 1 indicator highlighted in blue. Press the power button again to change to Medium or High intensity.
6. To switch to EMS Fitness mode, press the power button, the indicator will change to red in Low intensity. Press the power button again to desired intensity.
7. Power off by holding the power button until indicator light switches off.



- Both massage modes have 3 levels of intensity to suit your needs.
- Only need 5 minutes massage once daily.
- Recommended usage: Adopt a 5:2 fitness regimen. 5 x Massage Days and 2 x Rest Days.
- For best results with EMS fitness mode, use with high moisture content skincare products, including sheet masks.
- Always ensure your hair is pulled back away from your face and keep the device away from your hair.
- Do not use over Adam's apple and avoid eye area.



Do not use on children.
Do not use if you have a heart condition, cardiac pacemaker or other active facial implants before use.
If you are susceptible to one or more of the conditions listed below, please seek advice from a medical professional prior to use:
• Skin allergies
• Sunburn
• Opened wounds
• Skin lesions
• Itchy skin or skin is prone to irritation or discomfort
• Severe acne
• Recently had your face treated or subjected to chemical stripping, microdermabrasion or cosmetic surgery
• Always ensure your hair is pulled back away from your face and keep the device away from your hair
• Do not use over Adam's apple and avoid eye area

M'CARE 23108 Nova Fit Face Massager