MultiMag Magnesium Zinc Slow Release Tablets 90s

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Support for:

Stress Management & Fatigue
Mood Balance
Digestive Health & Food Absorption
Healthy Circulation
Normal Blood Pressure
Premenstrual Health & Pregnancy
Muscle Relaxation, Joint Mobility & Muscle Tone
Healthy Sugar Balance
Teeth, Skin, Eyes, Brain and Hair Health

Slow Release: Ongoing Absorption

Ultimag is a unique combination of Anti-Acid Magnesium, Chloride and Zinc Oxide in a slow release format.

It is a simple but extremely effective German formulation in a particularly good combination for New Zealand's depleted soils. The MultiMag tablet is engineered to pass through the G.I. system without breaking up, allowing a controlled slow release with proper absorption without side effects. Clinical studies show that Magnesium Chloride enhances the effectiveness of the immune system.

Dosage Per Day

Under 15 yrs = 1

Under 30 yrs = 2-3

30+ yrs = 2-3

50+ yrs = 3

MultiMag Magnesium Zinc Slow Release Tablets 90s - Corner Pharmacy