Bilberry 10000 Plus Lutein Complex 30 Tablets

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Nutralife Bilberry 10000 and Lutein Complex features a high potency antioxidant supplement containing a nutrient rich blend of key vitamins, minerals and amino acids naturally sourced from plants to alleviate eye strain, relieve fatigued eyes and promote visual functions.

Bilberry has been the subject of many scientific studies and researches, especially by the medical press in Europe. The efficacy of bilberry can be attributed to anthocyanosides, a class of polyphenols containing powerful antioxidant benefits. Anthocyanosides in bilberry promotes visual purple formation and protects sensitive eye tissues from free radical damage.

The antioxidant lutein is also a carotenoid maintaining optimum eye health. An astringent herb, eyebright relieves inflammation from the eyes. Added with rosemary, it packs powerful antioxidants. Overall, the formula helps maintain overall wellness.

Nutralife Bilberry 10000 and Lutein Complex is effective for:

  • Soothing eye strain
  • Alleviating eye fatigue
  • Slowing ageing in eyes

Nutralife Bilberry 10000 and Lutein Complex benefits and features:

  • Premium strength supplement with antioxidants for maintenance of eye health
  • Enriched with plant based ingredients like bilberry, eyebright and lutein
  • Provides eye support in times of eye fatigue, eye strain, glare sensitivity and night vision


Adults: Take one tablet daily, or as directed by a physician.

Store in a cool dry place, below 30C, out of reach of children.



Due to the new formulation of this product we are revising the ingredients list.



Generally well-tolerated when used as directed.

If symptoms seek professional advice