Nutra-Life NZ Deer Placenta 60 Capsules

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Nutralife New Zealand Deer Placenta is a uniquely innervating tonic that's New Zealand certified. It replenishes your energy stores with nourishing nutrients for a naturally reviving process. It is a once-a-day supplement with a star ingredient of deer placenta. Deer placenta is found to be well-matched with the human systems for maximum efficacy. Every capsule you take brings you one step closer to restoring your essence of life (jing).
This rejuvenating tonic features premium placenta which assists in positive healthy ageing. Deer placenta is abundant in nutrients providing support for the body in times of stress and after childbirth.
Supports replenished Jing (essence of life)
Boosts optimal nutrient stores
Take 1 capsule daily, or as directed by your healthcare professional.
Deer placenta extract                               450mg
Equiv. Deer placenta fresh                      9,000mg
Colours, antioxidants, encapsulating aids, flavour.