Omron Ultrasonic Portable Nebuliser NEU22

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OMRON ULTRASONIC PORTABLE NEBULISER NEU22 generates very fine mist which ensures medication reach deep into the respiratory tract and nebulization at any angle. Can inhale it at any angle, even when tilted or lying down. It has a quiet operation. It is suitable for home, clinic or outdoor use and inhalation at night. This product is portable which makes it more useful. 
Power source options: 3 VDC (two AA alkaline batteries) or 2.4 VDC (two AA nickel-hydrogen rechargeable batteries) or AC adapter ( comes with the nebuliser). We supply this product with adult and child mask for effective nebulization, respiratory therapy of asthma, bronchopulmonary and other obstructive respiratory disorders. Newly developed mesh Technology by Omron utilized alloy mesh and titanium vibrator to achieve superior nebulization efficiency. We supply all omron products as well as parts.
Important Information:
* We take pride in providing Best quality products at Best prices.
* We supply all omron products as well as their parts.
* If you have purchased an OMRON product that is out of warranty, we can supply parts for it and get it calibrated ( at a minimum charge). Please contact us if you need help.