Optifast Shake Assorted 53g x 10

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The OPTIFAST® VLCD™ Shakes Assorted Pack are a great way to try out the variety of flavours in the OPTIFAST® VLCD™ Shakes range.
This assorted pack has 2 sachets each of Chocolate, Coffee Flavour, Strawberry Flavour, Vanilla Flavour, and Mocha Flavour Shakes.
The Shakes are a part of a nutritionally complete, very low calorie diet program. They can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner, are high in protein and taste delicious.
Optifast Assorted Milkshake Pack Includes:
2 x Vanilla Milkshake Sachets
2 x Chocolate Milkshake Sachets
2 x Strawberry Milkshake Sachets
2 x Coffee Milkshake Sachets
2 x Mocha Milkshake Sachets
Optifast Milkshake Assorted 54g x 10 Sachets - Corner Pharmacy