Optrex Refreshing Drops

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Optrex Refreshing Drops is specifically formulated to treat uncomfortable eyes, irritated by the effects of modern living and environmental factors; they replenish the moisture level and refresh tired or sore eyes caused by dusty or dry atmosphere, driving, computer use, late nights, air conditioning, central heating or polluted environment. Treat, soothe and refresh irritated, tired and uncomfortable eyes Contains refreshing natural plant extracts. Balanced at the natural pH level of tears. Designed for modern living. Suitable for everyday use. 
Purified Water, Witch Hazel, Borax, Boric Acid, Glycerine, Benzalkonium Chloride. 
Directions for use: 
Adults and Children: Tilt your head backwards and gently squeeze 1 or 2 drops into each eye. Use as often as required. Do not use while, or just before, wearing soft contact lenses. Only for use in the eyes. 
Store below 25°C. Discard 28 days after opening. Do not use after expiry date.
Optrex Refreshing Drops