Cacao Powder 125g

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Radiance Superfoods Cacoa Powder 
What is it? • Consumed for generations in Mexican, Central and South American cultures. • Packed with nutrients – magnesium, iron, antioxidants and polyphenols. 
What benefits does it have? • Rich in antioxidants for whole body protection & natural immunity • Magnesium for healthy muscles, heart & stress levels • Iron for energy & immunity • Fibre for digestive health • Rich in theobromine and anandamine – plant molecules that boost mood & energy. 
Simply use Cacao Organic Powder in your favourite cacao recipes or use it in any recipes as you would use chocolate powder. Perfect for desserts, cereal, coffee or as a hot drink for a health boost. 
100% organic raw cacao powder
Radiance Superfoods Cacoa Powder 125g