Tropical Spirulina

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Radiance Superfoods Tropical Spirulina 
What is it? 
Organic spirulina containing over 100 nutrients • Tropical flavoured • No artificial ingredients • Flavoured with stevia. 
What benefits does it have?
Contains iron & other nutrients to support healthy energy levels • Chlorophyll for detoxification & clear skin • Protein for sustained energy & cell repair • High nutrient & antioxidant density for healthy immunity • Supports a healthy metabolism 
Simply add to your juices, smoothies or you can simply add 1 teaspoon into 250mL of water for a tropical, green energy boost. 
Organic Spirulina Powder 90%, Stevia, Citric Acid, Natural Pineapple Flavour.
Radiance Superfoods Tropical Spirulina