Thompsons Digestion Manager Capsules 60s

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-Helps to maintain healthy digestive function and ease minor ailments of the gastrointestinal tract
-Helps to promote saliva flow and secretion of gastric juices
-Helps to support digestion of proteins, fats, carbohydrates & sugars
-Assists to relieve and manage indigestion
-Helps to alleviate flatulence
-Calms queasiness
-Supports normal appetite
Direction Of Use:
Adults – Take one capsule, three times daily (with food), or as professionally advised
Active Ingredients:
Amylase 6,000 DU
Tilactase 1,000 ALU
Cellulase 225 CU
Lipase 200 LipU
Protease 12,500 HUT
Bromelains 10 mg
Papain 2 mg
Ginger powder 340 mg
Peppermint powder equivalent to leaf 1 g
Storage: To maintain maximum potency, keep refrigerated.