Rosehip Balancing Gel Cleanser 150ml

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Gel Cleanser from the Trilogy brand is used to clean the skin well. It makes your skin look good, buy Trilogy Rosehip Balancing Gel Cleanser 150ml online here
Using Trilogy Rosehip Balancing Gel Cleanser, enliven your skin and makes your complexion even.
Trilogy Rosehip Balancing Gel Cleanser affords to provide the skin freshness and clarity with every purifying wash. An essential soap-free daily treatment is best suited to revitalize and refresh the skin of oily or combination types. In addition, this cleanser balances complexion for a more even tone.
Trilogy Rosehip Balancing Gel Cleanser contains key ingredients such as rosehip, witch hazel and willow bark. The nourishment hero, rosehip enriches the skin with essential fatty acids. Witch hazel and willow have healing and nurturing properties with added cleansing action.
How to Apply:
Lightly wet face and neck with water. Apply and massage cream onto the damp areas. Use warm water to rinse. Gently pat dry the skin.
Cleansing and toning
Balances and evens the skin complexion
Suitable for oily and combination skin types