Collection: Vitamins and Supplements

Every Health Professional has an opinion. Some will say that Vitamins and Supplements are a waste of money while others will say that they can't function without their daily doses of vitamins and supplements. It's only when you stop taking a particular supplement and the subsequent feeling of unwell that you realize that you need these supplements to have you functioning at 100%.  In any case, you have to listen to your body and if after stopping a supplement you feel inadequate then, by all means, take what is necessary. We must remember that before modern medicine human beings ate a host of herbs and healthy food to maintain well being. Science has allowed us to make these supplements available at your fingertip.

Listen and read comments downgrading each other with scepticism. Its is always best to read up about vitamins and supplements before abandoning something that could be immensely beneficial to you. 

We  at Corner Pharmacy advice you to talk to us about Vitamins and Supplements as we are adequately trained in both modern medicine as well as Vitamins and Supplements and have a balanced opinion instead of a one-sided view