BEDBUGS on my Island Getaway

BEDBUGS on my island getaway

So on a recent trip to the Perhentian Islands, East Coast of Malaysia, I was attacked by the lovely notorious Bedbug.  Tourists swarm these two islands, carrying with them luggage or clothing that may contain bedbugs. After a 19 hours flight with two stops, 1-hour taxi drive, 40-minute jet boat and a 20-minute walk from the jetty to the cabin (on sand) in 35-degree Celsius, the last thing I was planning to do was inspect the bed. I turned the fan on, threw my bag down and fell face flat on the bed. I slept for two hours straight.

I woke up sweating as the fan was doing a terrible job cooling me down. In a panic, I changed and headed straight to the beach to cool down. While the shore was packed with relaxed tourists strolling, drink coconut water and laughing, I appear out of the jungle with wild hair sweating and in a panic that I might possibly die from heat stroke. I feel a few stings in the water but I don’t think much of it at the time. I stay in the water till sunset then went to grab food from a nearby restaurant. While waiting for my order I was busy slapping mosquitos on my arms, legs, neck… everywhere. After dinner I headed back to the cabin for what I was hoping would be a good night sleep. The horror began.

My mosquito bites were giant swollen lumps, the stings in the water were from sea lice, and the bedbugs were having a blast attacking me. I woke up with puffy eyes from hardly any sleep and suspicious looking bites that I later found out were bedbug bites. The bites usually form a distinct line and are very very itchy.   IF YOU ARE EVER IN THIS SITUATION tell hotel reception immediately and change your room if not hotel! Bedbugs are much harder to get rid of than fleas. Wash all your clothes with hot water (I iron mine afterward) wash or clean your suitcase thoroughly.

Luckily I had packed some Telfast 180mg. This tablet is really good, it’s up to you if you want to fuss with cream, but if you are severely bitten all over your body it will take a long time applying a cream. I was in and out of the water snorkeling or swimming, it was hot, I was sweating and covered in sunscreen, applying an antihistamine cream did not make sense. I had also packed an insect repellant too which unfortunately I forgot to use on the first day. They come in roll-on and spray version. If you’re going on a holiday like mine (beach) I highly recommend using a spray, its far easier to apply and covers a larger surface area!

Happy holidaying!!! xo