Collection: Superfoods

Superfoods is a word coined recently. In the pursuit of finding the perfect food to help people eat a nutritious meal in their busy lifestyles, people have gone to lengths to find the perfect food. Thankfully this has resulted in the discovery of foods full of nutrition that we had been taking for granted. The realisation that a centuries-old spice was also a very effective anti-inflammatory has people looking at nature to find the cure to many ailments. Turmeric is now the most widely used natural anti-inflammatory.  

Natural Health Companies have now invested heavily in bringing to the consumer the goodness of these superfoods in a palatable and easy to swallow forms without losing its natural goodness. 

Superfoods are not limited to but generally belong to the following list:-

Avocadoes, Turmeric, Berries, Chia Seeds, Ginger, Garlic, Fish, Dark Leafy Greens, Green Tea, Mushrooms, Sea Weeds and many more

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