COLOXYL Drops 30ml

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COLOXYL Drops 30ml :


COLOXYL is a Stool softener which helps to have the free bowel  movements. Buy COLOXYL Drops 30ml online here. This medicine contains Poloxamer which is a stool softener and emollient laxative. It is a surfactant which is considered to act by stimulating  intestinal secretions and by increasing the penetration of fluid into the faeces, thereby softening  the stool.  


Ingredients :


Poloxamer 100mg/ml  




Coloxyl Drops should be added and given in the feeding bottle or in fruit juice. For  infants under 6 months: 10 Drops, three times daily. For infants 6 ­18 months: 15 Drops, three times daily. And for children 18 months ­ 3 years: 25 Drops, three times daily  




This medication should not be used in patients with abdominal cramps, colic, nausea,  vomiting, with other symptoms of appendicitis, undiagnosed rectal bleeding, intestinal obstruction, abdominal pain of unknown cause or to the one with previous allergy to stool  softener laxatives. A prolonged use of any laxative is undesirable and may lead to dependency.  Patients are advised to drink plenty of water and increase the intake of fiber rich food. Consult  the doctor if constipation persists. The possibility of drug interactions should be considered  before use.

COLOXYL Drops 30ml