Easy Grip Garden Fork

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These high quality stainless steel garden tools have a specially angled handle, making your work supremely comfortable to use. By keeping your hand and wrist at a natural angle, they eliminate the strains that can be caused by conventional. The green "soft-feel" grip has a non-slip waterproof finish making the tools easy to grip, Even if you have wet hands, more positive grip whilst keeping the hand and wrist in a comfortable position. Enables work to be carried out in a more upright position, thus preventing back strain and giving a wider field of work without twisting the body. The handles have two stainless steel clamps which are tightened by finger operated plastic wing nuts. The Arm Support Cuff will plug into the rear of the handle for those with weak hands or wrists. Will fit handles up to 40mm (1.5in) diameter.

easy grip fork garden