Good Health Colostrum 500mg 90 Capsules

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Colostrum is nature’s superfood and these Colostrum chews are made from New Zealand colostrums. It has a wide range of immune factors, it is rich in growth and repair factors and is sourced from pasture fed cows.
Colostrum is the enriching first ‘milk’ received by nursing young to naturally assist their immune development and natural growth. GOOD HEALTH Colostrum is sourced from New Zealand pasture-raised dairy cows that are free from synthetic hormones, pesticides and antibiotics. Colostrum chews are a tasty way for adults and children to enjoy the health benefits of colostrum.
Adults and children take 5 tablets daily or as professionally prescribed.
Dextrose, Whey Powder, Sorbitol, Colostrum Milk Powder (13%), Calcium Carbonate, Skim Milk Powder, Natural and Nature identical Flavours, Red Beet Juice Powder (natural colour) & tabletting aids.

Nutritional information*: 
Serving per bottle: 30
Serving size: 5 tablets (5350mg)
  *Qty per serving *Qty per 100g
Energy 59kJ 1110kJ
Protein 1.0g 17.8g
Fat, total Less than 1g 1g
- Saturated Less than 1g Less than 1g
Carbohydrate 2.39g 44.8g
- Sugars 2.39g 44.6g
Sodium 22mg 418mg
Calcium 15g 275g
Potassium 10.0mg 191mg
Vitamin B1 1.24mg 23.2mg
Vitamin B2 17.8mg 333mg
Vitamin B6 3.35mg 62.7mg
Vitamin B12 0.03mcg 0.58mcg
Folic Acid 0.38mcg 7.03mcg
IgG 0.11g 2.02g
IgA 0.07mg 1.29mg
IgM 0.06mg 1.4mg
Lactoferrin 0.01mg 0.26mg
IGF1 1.11ng 20.7ng
*All specified values are averages.    


Do not use if cap seal is broken. No artificial flavours, sweeteners, perservatives or colours used in this product. Contains milk products. May contain traces of soy.