HE Clove Oil 25ml

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Home Essentials Clove Oil
The natural health properties of Clove Oil make it useful around the home, for minor knocks, irritations, bumps and tooth support.
Uses & Tips:
  • Tooth Support - Traditionally Clove Oil has been used for tooth support. Dilute two drops of Home Essentials Clove Oil with a teaspoon of Home Essentials Olive Oil, and pour on a cotton wool ball. Clamp down between teeth to hold in place. Avoid contact with skin or tongue. Consult a dentist at the first opportunity.
  • Natural Antiseptic - On minor knocks, irritations and bumps and to help protect against fungal infections. Use 2 - 3 drops of Home Essentials Clove Oil per teaspoon of Home Essentials Almond Oil
Active Ingredients:
Clove Oil 100%

Apply to piece of cotton wool and place on sore tooth.

Protect from sunlight.
HE Clove Oil 25ml