KOBAYASHI Clearwipe Lens Cleaner 40s

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Clearwipe Lens Cleaner are designed to quickly clean and dry, streak-free eyeglasses, sunglasses and other glass surfaces.

Clearwipe Lens Cleaner wipes, are easy to use - just wipe and allow to dry for a streak-free clean. There is no need to re-wipe with a dry cloth. Clearwipe is suitable for eyeglasses, sunglasses, ski and other goggles, mobile phone displays, tv/computer screens (excluding liquid crystal screens) and wrist watch glass.


Open pack and remove wipe.

Unfold wipe and gently wipe surface to remove surface dust and grease. If sand or iron powder is on the lenses, first rinse the lenses with water.

Allow a moment for the lense to dry for a streak-free shine.


If any abrasive material such as sand or iron powder is on the surface which you intend to clean, please rinse with water first to make sure that the abrasive material is removed before treating with Clearwipe Lens Cleaner.


- Non-abrasive wipe - 10cm x 15cm

- Isopropyl Alcohol

- Water

- Fragrance

Clearwipe Lens Cleaner 40 Wipes - Corner Pharmacy