NEUTRAFLUOR 5000+ Toothpaste 56g (Pharmacist Only) Need Consultation Before Sale

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NEUTRAFLUOR 5000 Plus Toothpaste from Colgate is a concentrated fluoride treatment toothpaste for individuals who are at a high risk of dental caries. 
1.1% w/w Neutral Sodium Fluoride. 
Also contains: 
Sodium benzoate; Sodium saccharin. 
DO NOT SWALLOW. As with all medications, keep out of reach of infants and children. 
Adults and children 6 years or older should apply a thin ribbon of Neutrafluor 5000 Plus to a soft, small headed, multi-tufted toothbrush. Brush thoroughly for two minutes preferably at bedtime, or use as recommended by your dental professional. Spit out after brushing. 
Children below 6 years should brush under supervision, spit out after use and rinse mouth thoroughly. For best results, avoid eating or drinking for 30 minutes.