NEXCARE Paper Tape 12.5mm Tan

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Nexcare Micropore Gentle Paper Tape is a lightweight, gentle and breathable paper tape. Its non-irritating adhesive allows for easy removal, so it's a great first aid tape for post-surgery applications and for wounds requiring frequent gauze changes. Ideal for people with fragile or sensitive skin. 
Instructions for use: 
1. Always apply to skin that is clean, dry and free from soap, oil, lotion or powder.
2. Distribute tape evenly by applying from the centre outward rather than stretching from end to end.
3. Maximise adhesion by rubbing firmly over the backing of the tape and holding in place for a few moments.
4. Remove tape by pulling back slowly and gently in the direction of hair growth. 
Never strap or apply tape under tension unless directed by a health professional. 
NEXCARE Paper Tape 12.5mm Tan