NILODOR Spray Mist 100ml

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NILODOR Spray Mist removes all unpleasant smells from the air. Keep your home smelling clean and fresh with this amazing product. It is perfect for use indoors, especially in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and nursery. 
Effectively removes odour from rooms. 
Fast acting results. 
Helps clean the air inside your room. 
Safe to use and non-toxic. 
Replaces bad smells with fragrance. 
Contains ingredients that neutralize odours. 
Formulated without hydrocarbons and gas propellants. 
Specially made for use on pets. 
Directions for Use: 
Aim the bottle towards the ceiling and press the pump to spray. 
The number of sprays will depend upon the size of the room.
NILODOR Spray Mist 100ml